Before I started to write something in this section, I looked through enormous amount of similar web-sites.

I was shocked.

Entire dress-off, speculation and attempts to show themselves as something special by means of very usual facts.

I don't want like that.

At our time of mad numbers of editions and consumer craziness, I would like to have my own opinion.

That's what I want to wish You.

That's why I decided not to unload You with different information and facts.

Music is a main thing for me. And I really want You to listen to this music. That's why there is nothing odd, just music, music, music.

Thank You for visiting my web-site
Listen, download and comment

Bojena, with love.

P.S. Yes!!!.....:)
I just want to give only one information.

Names of people, who created all this things

Lyrics - Bojena Voytseshevska
Music - Andrey Brayko

Bojena Voytseshevska - Vocal
Dmitry Sevastianov - Drums
Igor Narkhov - Guitar
Vladimir Kardonov - Guitar
Alexander Bakunin - Bass Guitar
Natan Morgunov - keyboards, arrangement, producing of instrument recording
Recording - NatanStudio, Ton-studio Mosfilm
Aggregation - Vladimir Ovchinnikov Ton-studio Mosfilm

Photo - Alexey Lebedev
Make-up, hairstyle - Elnara Ataeva

General producing - Andrey Brayko

Thank to all, who believed in me
Because of You I became only better!
I love You to!